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Quality and care don't end with you purchasing a new car. With the smart #1, it's only the beginning.

By offering premium service and attention to detail, you can expect an exceptional journey with your smart #1 right from the start. We want you to know all about smart #1 ownership, assistance, maintenance and comprehensive smart offerings even before your first drive.

smart owners are recommended to perform car maintenance once every 12 months or for every 10,000 kilometres (starting from the date of first registration, whichever comes first) to ensure the best care for the vehicle. The price starts from HK$2,000.

We provide the PREMIER Protection Plan, which lengthens the smart protection for your car to a maximum of 6 years. At the end of the first 3-year warranty period, you can opt for an immediate extension for comprehensive protection. Price starts from HK$3,500.

smart After-Sales Maintenance Care Plan

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