Here is your smart #1


Electric power, futureproof convenience

It's time. Time to embrace a world where futuristic design meets seamless connectivity. A world that delivers high safety confidence and where range anxiety is a thing of the past. A car that brings you the driving experience of tomorrow, today. It's time to really get excited about smart #1.

item 1


Each smart #1 is equipped with CyberSparksLED+ headlights, lighting the way with equal parts style and intelligence.

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Endless ambient lighting options

With smart #1’s 60 colours, 20 illumination levels, and additional exclusive features – there is lighting to suit every mood as you drive through the streets of Hong Kong.


Halo Roof

The sky's the limit when you’re behind the wheel of a smart #1. With the Halo Roof, travelling in Hong Kong right under the stars or a clear blue sky is a whole new experience.


Screens wherever you look

When you hop into smart #1, you will be getting all the driving info you need from the 12.8" touch-screen central display and 9.2" full LCD HD digital instrument cluster.

Discover the right smart #1 for you today

The choice is yours. Select your favourite car from the smart #1 line.

Taillights of electric SUV smart #1

A look and feel to suit you

Each vehicle from the smart #1 line includes its own selection of colours to choose from – and here you have the freedom to visualise how each line looks depending on your preference. Select from a wide range of options and exclusive features to find the right combinations that suit you. It’s a great way to see how the interior and exterior design for your chosen line shapes up before your own eyes before you take your smart #1 for a drive in Hong Kong.


The smart vehicle shown may contain optional equipment and features which may not be applicable to the Hong Kong market. Get in touch with one of our smart specialists to learn more.

Which smart #1 is made for you?

Let's take tomorrow, together. Start your exciting new journey and explore the two smart #1 lines – starting with the sporty, performance-based smart #1 BRABUS.


The sporty #1

Make way for that fiery fusion of power and performance: The smart #1 BRABUS takes sportiness to the next level – for the driving experience you always dreamed of.


Driving electric at its best

Are you ready? Embrace the electric future and adopt a lifestyle with more ways to feel special every single day. Take charge today and discover the difference when you’re behind the wheel of a car from the smart #1 line.

Seamlessly connected, wherever you go

Where intelligence meets intuition

Your software-defined smart car is supported by a unique and seamless digital ecosystem designed to keep you comfortable, safe, and entertained at all times.


All interfaces of the vehicle and the app and all corresponding elements shown in the photos and videos are still in the process of development. Actual car functions, design, and content are subject to products eventually presented in the Hong Kong market. Please contact one of our Hong Kong smart specialists for details.